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Welcome to the Steampunk ParaCon 2024 at the Hilton Garden Inn  in Independence, MO! The Steampunk ParaCon is a metaphysical/paranormal event that features everything metaphysical retail vendors and paranormal teams with a Steampunk flair. Omnia Steampunk ParaCon KC will be held on September 14th and 15th of 2024. 

Special Guest Speakers include:

Kristi Pederson channeling Ramadear an extraterrestrial entity
What began as a session in automatic writing has turned into something bigger – much bigger - than the
few sentences Kristi was expecting to write. An extraterrestrial named Ramadear came through and
introduced himself claiming that he and Kristi would be writing a book together. During the process of
writing, Ramadear said that waiting for Kristi to write or type the messages he was downloading was
slow and cumbersome. He then mentioned that once the book was completed, She would begin to
transchannel as this would be a much more efficient way to communicate. Transchanneling is where the
individual steps aside and lets the entity enter and use Kristi’s voice and body to deliver messages as
well as answer questions. The name of the book which was published in 2023 is titled Messages from
Ramadear…a collective hope for humanity.
Ramadear delivers messages based on the Law of One, which is understanding why we are here on
planet earth; how and why we can be in service to others rather than in service to self. He takes this
information and delivers it in a way modern humans can understand. You are welcome to ask personal,
global, or galactic questions during this expo session!


Jim Ditty Good Medicine.jpg

Good Medicine by Jim Ditty
The Nature of Consciousness and how we co-create

Roven Mystic by Lauren Ashley
You will learn the basics of palmistry which will include sample readings. You will be able to tell things about yourself such as career, future children, future relationships, etc.

Nana Prepp the Witch
Quantum Life Mastery
Learning to be a master manifester, and gaining control over your life. Everything comes from within us, and it is all about making choices. How we are not alone in this experience, and the importance of being in communication with our soul team.

Steven Speers.jpg

Steven Speers
Fylgjas. How to identify yours.
Similar to the concept of a "spirit animal" or totem, your Fylgja is why you have affinities and aversions to various other forms of life as well as specific environments. Join an interactive lecture on the Nature of the Fylgja. What it is and how to identify yours.

Cat Walker - Medium
Mediumship Gallery in which passed loved ones, Spirit Guides, Pets, Angels and a host of other spirits who may decide to communicate with participants.

Eclectic Collections by Rox Revenall
Dreams: Types of dreams, experiences in your dreamscape and how to tell the difference.


Alien Contact - Rupert
It's easy for humans to contact aliens via meditation, astral projection, remote viewing, and remote communication. The hard part is communicating with them in a way that's ascended enough to make them feel that a harmonious, constructive friendship with us is possible. In this presentation, Rupert will start by answering all of the common questions about aliens, such as "Who are they?" "Why are they here?" "Are they friendly?" and "Are they going to save us?" And then, he'll explain exactly what is needed for us to ascend to high enough levels that we can establish meaningful relationships with them. 

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