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About Us

Welcome to Omnia Events LLC, where dreams become events and celebrations are crafted with precision and passion.

We are a team of dedicated and creative professionals, who specialize in turning a vision into reality. Our goal is to create a place where everyone can find their tribe, their community, their people. We don't just plan metaphysical, paranormal and non spiritual events; we create moments that last a lifetime 

Meet the Team
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Bettina Norman was born and raised in Germany and is an accountant by trade. She is also an International Master Akashic Record Reader, Medium, and certified Akashic Record teacher with over 10 years’ experience in giving readings to hundreds of people. She is also co-owner of Omnia Events LLC. And the co-host of the Two Crones with a Mic podcast and a channeler, a link between her and our galactic Family.
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April McQueen is the co-owner of Omnia Events LLC., and also leads the Omega Paranormal KC team. 
She has experienced many unexplained phenomena, including shadow figures, telepathic communication with extra terrestrials, close encounter with a UAP, and more. 

April's mission is to bring more of an understanding around the paranormal and host events where people feel comfortable to discuss their personal experiences with the mysterious universe.

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