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Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in participating in our events!  Please complete the following information and submit payment to reserve your booth.  We look forward to working with you!

Steampunk Paracon Vendor Application

September 14-15, 2024

Hilton Garden Inn

19677 E Jackson Dr.

Independence, MO 64057

Booth Options

Please choose your booth preference below.  All booths include a 5% Credit card and Online fee.  If you would rather pay through Cashapp, Venmo, or Paypal, please choose Manual Pay and send the base fee that is listed below + 3%, and message us to let us know.  (For example, the base payment for an 8x8 booth is $175, 8x8 corner booth is $185, etc.) 


Your booth is not reserved until full payment is made, which includes the 3% fee for manual payments.

Select an item ($)

Booths are non-refundable.  If you are unable to attend after payment has been made, a replacement may be possible.  The replacement must be approved by April McQueen and Bettina Norman.  The replacement does not guarantee a full refund.  No replacements will be made after August 15, 2024.

Items / Services you would like to offer:

Speaker Opportunities

We love to offer free workshops/ panels to our guests.  If you are interested in Speaking, please complete the following information.

Title of Workshop/Panel

Description of Workshop/Panel

Please write 2-4 sentences describing your workshop/panel that we can use for marketing purposes.

Reader Code of Ethics

1. While recognizing that some tools may be needed in different types of readings, interpretation of charts and readings should flow from the heart and mind of the reader.

2. Reader talents should be used for quality, not quantity.

3. When unable to tune in on a client, a reader should not attempt a reading. The reader should so inform the client and return their money.


5. Constructive advice and clear options that give clients choices and strength should be your goal. The clients must make their own decisions.

6. Be objective and reliable in handling client’s problems. Be understanding and honest.

7. Assume a confident and positive attitude toward client’s problems. Give service and be creative in handling the problems of human nature.

8. Do not claim to be infallible or insist on the validity of your reading. However, recognize you are responsible for all readings you give.

9. UNSOLICITED READINGS will not be given. Always secure the permission of the person to receive the reading first. Grandstanding tactics, such as spontaneous readings promoting the ability of the reader, will not be engaged in.

10. The reputable reader does not engage in ominous readings as come-ons given for the purpose of bringing the client back for a future reading.

I agree to the Code of Ethics listed above,

Signature Required

Vendor Code of Conduct

1. Be considerate and respectful to everyone attending the event, vendors, readers, and patrons.  All egos must be checked at the door.


2. Should conflict arise, whether it is due to business dealings during the event, OR due to already preexisting personal or business issues that occurred before our event, you need to attempt to CALMLY discuss any disagreements.


3. Should a conflict arise, please let April or Bettina know so we can help with the situation.


4. Please know that ALL parties involved must step outside of the event out of respect for everyone and to not disrupt the event in a negative way.


5. Should a vendor refuse to do so, they will be asked to leave the event without a refund for the booth space. They will also not be invited back to any of our future events.Thank you for understanding.

I agree to the Code of Conduct listed above,

Signature Required

Liability Release

By acceptance of this contract, the exhibitor expressly releases Omnia Events, LLC, April McQueen, Bettina Norman, Edward McQueen, and the Hilton Garden Inn-Independence from all liability for damage, injury, or loss to any person or goods, which may arise from the rental and occupation of exhibit space. Exhibitors are financially responsible for any damage caused to the space. Exhibitors are responsible for their own liability insurance, following state laws with regards to sales tax.

I agree to the Liability Release listed above,

Signature Required

Vendor Terms

Being ready to go on time is non-negotiable!  We reserve the right to determine eligibility of any product, service, or company.  If any exhibitor breaches the terms of this contract, or engages in any disruptive behavior, this contract will be terminated and said person will be asked to leave the fair.

Vendors must stay the full duration of the event.  If you need to leave before the end of the event, please let Bettina Norman or April McQueen know, and come back after the event to pack up your items.  Doing so will avoid disrupting other vendors.  If you leave early, without letting April McQueen or Bettina Norman know, you may not be asked to be part of future events.  

Vendors with Tents:

Your tent must stay within the alotted booth space you reserve.  For example, if you have a 8x8 tent, and rent a 8x10 spot, all of your booth items MUST be inside of the tent, this includes any tables, chairs, etc.  If you need more space, please reserve a bigger spot.


If you need electricity, you must bring your own extension cord and duct tape to tape it down.  You must select electricity in order to use it.

Booth Neighbors:

If you would like to be by a specific vendor at the event, please let April McQueen know at the time you return your vendor form.  We will do everything possible to make that happen.

Booth Helpers:

You will be given one wristband for an additional person to help at your booth each day, for a total of 2 free spots at your booth each day (this includes yourself).  Any more than that, they will need to pay attendance each day.  

Food and Beverage:

Please know that there are times where snacks will be provided as thank you from the hosts or other vendors.  But this is not to be expected.  Please plan your own meals.  Thank you.

I agree to the Liability Release listed above,

Signature Required

Thanks for submitting!

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